Welcome to nQueTM

nQue is a leading-edge online research tool created by Davis Brand Capital to conduct Web-based Q-methodology studies. Q-methodology combines both qualitative and quantitative disciplines to systematically explore human subjectivity surrounding brands, lifestyles, emotions and marketplace conversations.

What is nQue?

Using nQue's virtual Q-sort procedure, participants assign value to and make tradeoffs between statements, words, logos, pictures or other stimuli by arranging them on the screen. The process uses a graphical user interface that is highly intuitive and convenient for study participants. The data collected reveal likeminded segments of consumers - or business-to-business customers - and areas of alignment/misalignment between the groups that emerge.

nQue's Benefits

nQue uses relatively small sample sizes to efficiently and cost-effectively garner incredibly rich data and meaningful insights about your brand and its customers. The online tool is ideally suited for informing lifestyle segmentation strategies; targeted messaging platforms; product launches and brand extensions; and a broad range of brand management issues.

In addition to conducting Web-based Q-methodology studies, nQue can also be used for online studies employing cluster analysis or other forms of multivariate statistical analysis. nQue automates all aspects of the fielding procedure - from managing invites to recording and formatting data - allowing clients to gather and analyze data quickly and affordably.

For a free demonstration or to learn more information about nQue, please contact Bryan Oekel, vice president of brand research, at (404) 347-7778 ext. 218, or by email at

bkoekel [at] davisbrandcapital . com